Floor Plans

At Top Choice Homes, we typically build custom homes and do not typically have base prices for floor plans. By contacting us, we can give you plans we have built in the past as examples for building or pricing.

We have found it’s best to discuss your budget to help select a plan or take a wide view approach by starting with any plan designer’s site that allows us to secure a copyright to use their plans. We can price and build the plan you choose by purchasing it from them or modifying it to suit your needs after it is purchased.

We have found Greater Living Architecture‘s website to be an excellent starting point for discussing plans.

Finally, we have found that base pricing is not reliable enough to capture the designs you desire and the proper selections (flooring, cabinets, etc).  It’s best for us to meet and discuss plans and materials to provide accurate pricing to help you with your building decision.  Feel free to send us a plan from an online designer to start a discussion so we can best understand how to capture your ideas.

Set Home Plans

Here is a small selection of pre-priced plans

Calhoun $144,300
Square footage: 1385


Wells $149,900
Square footage: 1422


Baker $154,400
Square footage: 1643


Burke $159,500
Square footage: 1708


Devon $161,700
Square footage: 1569


Marshall $168,500
Square footage: 1693


Pricing does not include site costs or permit fees. Permit fees differ in various counties. Site costs vary based on individual building sites.